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SCEP, Inc. offers our customers a quick and easy way to upload art files to our art department via any web browser. Simply click the Upload Art button, upload your art, and enter the email address of the person you’d like to send the artwork to. That’s it! Your art is on its way to us.


Please read the directions and specifications below. If at any time you have any questions about the following information, please do not hesitate to contact our art department. If the file is not available in the format we are requesting we would be happy to be of assistance in “recreating” the file properly for current and future projects. SCEP specializes in art and logo development, digital art clean up and logo revamping. Art charges are reasonable and are quoted on a per job basis as opposed to hourly rates.

The graphics department at SCEP, Inc. utilizes ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD

File Extensions for Spot Color Applications

Please provide digital art as a vector file as opposed to a bit mapped file. Files should have an .ai or an .eps file extension. A bit mapped or rasterized file “renamed” or “saved as” an .eps is not considered camera ready and will not reproduce to our standards.

Unacceptable bitmapped graphic files include any file with the following extensions; .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .gif, .png, .psd.

Files taken from the web are generally low-resolution files and not acceptable for reproduction.

Files generated from office software such as WORD, EXCEL, PUBLISHER and POWER POINT are not acceptable for reproduction.


For spot color applications please call out specific Pantone colors in your illustration, do not use CMYK or RGB colors. Please notify SCEP if standard inks may be used in place of specific Pantone colors where applicable to save on PMS color match charges. Many Pantone colors such as REFLEX BLUE are usually considered a “stock” color and do not require an extra charge for a PMS color match.


Please convert all text to paths, curves, or outlines.

Halftones or Gradients

Please contact the art department for halftone or gradient specifications as they vary with different imprint methods.

Four Color Process

If you have any questions regarding full color printing please do not hesitate to contact the SCEP art department regarding four-color process files. Depending on file application, most high-resolution bitmapped files are acceptable, however we prefer .psd or .tif files – the files must be at least 300 dpi and ‘to size’ meaning files are to the actual size of the final print. Files must be saved as CMYK, always avoid darker images with heavy ink coverage. Please provide placed photos at the highest resolution possible without resampling.

Following these guidelines will insure your artwork is reproduced to the best possible quality at the lowest possible cost to you.

Need art help? Give us a call and our art department will walk you through any file requirements or questions you may have. (800) 500-2992 or (626) 303-7800 or feel free to email us

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